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Kenai Fjords is an Aquatic Wilderness

There’s a lot to discover in some of the most incredible, protected wilderness in Alaska at Kenai Fjords National Park. At the edge of the Kenai Peninsula and the north Pacific Ocean, the park offers over 600,000 acres of glaciated paradise to explore, and is home to an abundance of marine wildlife and unique tidewater glaciers.

From an afternoon excursion to a full day exploration, find the best way to spend your time here. And when you’re ready, contact one of our travel experts to help make it perfect for you!

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Did you see that whale?! Find out where, when and how to see the amazing array of marine wildlife out here.
Wow! Ancient glaciers provide a timeless reminder of the power of nature. See them upclose for yourself.
From boat tours and hiking to sea kayaking, those with adventurous spirits will find a lot of options!

The best way to experience Kenai Fjords

To see the most of this amazing landscape, venture out on the water with Kenai Fjords Tours. You’ll get a chance to see incredible wildlife, tidewater glaciers, temperate rainforests and learn a lot as you go from our friendly and knowledgeable captains and deckhands. Our crew loves to share their excitement about this place!

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Coastal Culture and Heritage

Humans have been traveling and adventuring in this region for thousands of years. Archeologists have discovered human-occupied sites dating as far back as the year 1200 and a fur trade post was set up by the Russian-American Company in Resurrection Bay in 1793. In 1903, the Seward area began to develop as it became the starting point of the Alaska Railroad. After more than a decade of proposals, the national park was finally established in 1980.

What to expect in Kenai Fjords

When you venture into the majestic landscapes of Kenai Fjords National Park, you’re heading into a wilderness area. Although weather here, like most wild areas, can be unpredictable, all conditions have their positives. Cloudy and rainy days often bring calmer water, for example. Dress appropriately!

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